Ustad Aziz Mirza Profile

Ustad Aziz Mirza

Ustad Mirza is a perfectionist, who has established himself as an artist of Mughal miniature technique. He is a trained artist from the Maharaja School of Art, Jaipur (now known as Rajastan School of Art) in Mughal style. In the last three decades, Ustad Aziz Mirza has earned an unprecedented acclaim as a master in reproduction of Mughal miniature by mostly reproducing the works of Abdul Rehman Chughtai, often deceiving the connoisseurs of art into regarding his reproductions as authentic Chughtai paintings. 

His command over the wash technique of watercolors is not only extraordinary but also uniquely exceptional in both vision and understanding. The amount of pains he takes to engineer the surfaces with colours and subtle gradations that have made many to treat watercolours to consider him a continuation of A.R. Chughtai.

Artworks by the Artist