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Tariq Javed

In his work Tariq Javed portrays his love of painting in an individual style that freely incorporates diverse elements. His subjects are painted in a finely depicted mosaic setting, with textural areas adding interest. The long limbed, slender figures are far from the sturdy, bejeweled subjects of earlier work, but Tariq Javed is an artist who enjoys the vast possibilities of art, from nature to abstraction.He has been exhibiting his work since the 80s, and though an extremely popular painter, he was drawn to experiment with other disciplines. The passion for ceramics persisted, and he established a centre where he taught the intricate art to students. In his latest work the artist has combines the best of his experience to create paintings that exude a sensual beauty. One finds the textural balance; variegated brush strokes and expertise in the use of colour combine to show the best of the artist.

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