Shazad Zar Profile

 Shahzad Dar

Shahzad Zar was barely eighteen when in 1995; he plucked up the courage to approach S.Ali Imam at the Indus Gallery for guidance. He was a self taught artist with a courageous interest in collage and mixed media. His work at that time was experimental, assimilating wood shavings which he placed on a surface arranged in gradient shades.

S.Ali Imam examined his work and recognized the young artist’s potential. Then followed four years of hard work and study in a planned course, that included calligraphy, worked out for him with the help of S. Ali Imam. When Imam considered Zar was ready, he mounted the artist’s first solo exhibition at the Indus Gallery in 1999.

From that time on Zar has gone from strength to strength. His current work is a visual delight ensuring his popularity with art enthusiasts.

Artworks by the Artist