Shaikh Khadijah Amin Profile

Sheikh Khadijah Amin


BFA, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi,  here is what the artist has to say about us,

“It is interesting for me to see how lifeless objects like clothes, furniture and empty hallways can outline a person and fulfill their spot when they are no longer amongst us. What is more interesting is the lingering feeling of that individual left behind for others to carry. My work revolves around the concept of how a person’s presence is still felt even after they’ve passed. Not just through the things but each person they crossed paths with. The inspiration of my work lived in a house built in 1965. My grandmother, the model of my work left emptiness and a certain stillness in the same place which was once her home. This emptiness reflected upon me is what I persist on showing through my work using a letter I wrote to her. In doing so, I try to showcase situations and her archived objects around me and about me, which live under the shadow of her reign- my grandmother called Rosie.”

Artworks by the Artist