Shafiq Farooqi Profile

 Shafiq Farooqi

Shafiq Farooqi is the senior artist and will be celebrating his 75th birthday this year. You can find his paintings for sale at Clifton Art Gallery Pakistan. In this sense, Shafiq Farooqi’s career is fairly impressive. His paintings had appeared in a group exhibition as early as 1965, and have since appeared regularly in various exhibitions during the last twenty years both at home and in foreign countries.

To date, Farooqi has painted over 10,000 artworks and his paintings are shown in over 100 solo shows and several group exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad. Besides Pakistan and Europe, a large collection of his works are also in Turkey at various Art Museums and Universities.

Farooqi reflects the light of inner self (inspired by maulana rumi) on canvas in colorful impressive ways with his dancing brush. Shafiq Farooqi paintings are based on an enlightened inner being and not intellectual wisdom; they center on revelation, not logic. Changing tones and a variety of colors show his command over their use in creating various feelings and sensations. Clifton Art Gallery is proud to be associated with Shafiq Farooqi.

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