Salman Ahmed Profile

Salman Ahmed

Salman Ahmed is a versatile artist, who paints inspirations from his teacher Lal Muhammad Pathan (late), who devoted his entire life to portraying the harsh life and poverty of the people of Tharparkar, Sindh.

He was born in 1974 in Mirpurkhas, Sindh. He received his primary and secondary education at Mirpurkhas. His love of art led him to the Tharparker District Cultural Association (now renamed The Arts Council of Mirpurkhas), where the Lal Mohammad Pathan conducted art classes.

He received his (IDEH) Inspectorate of Drawing/ Art & Craft Education Diploma from the Hyderabad Elementary Government College in the first division. In 2013, he passed the ATC (Art Teaching Certificate) Exam.

He has participated in several shows since, including ‘ArtFest, Sheraton Hotel, Karachi; ‘Sindh Canvas, Sabuha Art Gallery, The Arts Council, Karachi, ‘Mehran Colors, Mehran Arts. Council, Hyderabad; ‘Shaheed Mahatma Benazir Bhutto Art exhibition, Tharparker Art Gallery, Mirpurkhas; first Conference on Art and Art Exhibition, Jamshoro; Sadequain Art Gallery, Frere Hall, Karachi, Fun Paray Art Gallery, Grandeur Art Gallery, Majmoa Art Gallery, Art Regent Gallery.

Artworks by the Artist