Nimra Shahid Profile

Nimra Shahid

I am a British-Pakistani student currently studying Architecture at the University of Arts, Central Saint Martins in London. I am an inspiring Architect; however, I choose to paint in my spare time as it not only allows me to exercise my skills but also helps to relieve stress. This is my formal inaugural exhibition.

The paintings are purposely painted in an ambiguous manner in order for the viewers to decide the end meaning. The fact that the true meaning behind each painting is left up to the viewer to decide immediately makes the painting personal to hem. This challenges the viewers’ thoughts and creativity. This captivates a sense of unnerving in them, which is what I wanted to achieve in each painting.

When working with canvas, oil paints are used as a medium to achieve the softness of a fabric and human skin. Moreover, oil paints add a sense of richness allowing the work to stand out and be compelling. One of the pieces is on paper, which uses chalk and charcoal as a medium. The use of chalk and charcoal allowed the delicate and soft effect of a fabric and human akin to be achieved while also making the piece powerful.

Artworks by the Artist