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Mussarat Arif

Mussarat Arif is a Karachi based artist who took her Diploma in Fine Arts (painting) from the Karachi School of Art in 1996. She married a fellow art student A.Q. Arif, and went on to teach her subject at the Institute of Arts and Crafts Karachi. She is an artist famed for the beauty of her calligraphic art working in the style of Kufic script while employing the contrast of bright coloration in delicate designs as contrast to the strong linear elements of the text. Mussarat has shown her work to great acclaim in countries east and west. She has a number of solo exhibitions to her credit and her work is in great demand, but the artist will not compromise the integrity of her work with haste. Mussarat incorporates the freedom of contempory art into the classic medium, with textural effects consisting of mixed media and techniques. Experimental in approach, in her recent work the artist incorporated third dimensional elements to great effect.

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