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Mohammad Sardar

Arbab Mohammad Sardar (born 1945 in Landi Arbab Peshawar) is Pakistani painter, sculptor and a recipient of Presidential award for Pride of Performance. He started sketching from an early age later he joined Abasin Arts Council Peshawar. His first exhibition of calligraphy was held in 1962 in Islamia College. He learned sketching, drawing and painting in water colour, oil colour, & charcoal etc. Along with painting, Arbab Sardar started making models in clay, later in plaster of paris and finally in fiber glass. During his college time he was offered a fellowship from Italian government in sculptures. He went to the famous professional institute in Carrara. He studied architecture, decorative art and sculpture in marble. He also joined special classes of modern paintings in Italy. He took part in an exhibition of paintings in Carrara. He won a number of prizes from university of Peshawar, Abasin arts council, National Council of Arts Islamabad. Most of his paintings are representing Pakistan culture in different countries of the world. He works mostly on Landscape, Flowers, Bazaar-scapes & Portraits. He also teaches painting and sketching.

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