Mehboob Ali Profile

Mehboob Ali

Mahboob Ali was born in 1951. He graduated from national College of Arts (NCA) Lahore in 1972. He has worked as an artist in many different media. Mahboob is Pakistan’s only artist who created numerous works as a print maker for four decades. No other artist in Pakistan produced such extensive works for such a long period in the field of print making. He has invented new techniques, modified and researched on technical variation and color combinations in wood cut printing. Today, Mahboob Ali is considered to be the only Pakistani wood cut print maker who has introduced fifty two hues in one print. He devoted his career to this fifty thousand years old technique to bring modern variations and innovations to it. His infinite patience, devotion, commitment, hard work and labor has elevated the scope and creative horizon of this particular art form to an unprecedented height. Students for many years have benefited from his innovations in wood cut printing.

Mahboob Ali also explored Pastel medium creating the strong depictions of the walled city of Lahore. His exquisite pastel renderings offer serene and subdued ambience and command over this medium. Mahboob Ali has been inspired by Quranic Calligraphy and therefore explored and produced strong and rich calligraphic paintings. These Mixed Media Calligraphies are done with the palette consisting of the colors like gold, silver, bronze and black. This is unique in the whole world as these four colors are rarely used by artists to complete the whole work. The breathtaking images speak highly of vitality and splendor of Arabic scripture.

His visit to Europe motivated him to capture images of museum objects and the landscape in pencil and water color. These pencil drawings are done with great detail and strong but delicate line. Mahboob Ali used Oil paint as the medium to depict the old architecture of Lahore city. His research and depth on this subject is clearly visible in his works.

Mahboob Ali has been exhibiting his work in Pakistan as well as internationally. He is among the few artists who earned a name and respect nationally and internationally by virtue of their creative venture. The National Art Gallery of Pakistan National Council of the Arts, present his 21st Solo exhibition celebrating the artist’s talents and achievements. Mahboob Ali remains one of the great figures in art sphere of Pakistan due to his fine skills in art as well as being a forthcoming artist who is ever ready to share his creative expertise and technical skills with the young entrants in this field.

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