Masooma Rizvi Profile

Masooma Rizvi

Masooma Rizvi is an artist, curator, art coach and art activist. She worked for about 10 years in Dubai – UAE & now based in the UK.

A Business Graduate turned artist.

Something within her kept calling her towards her passion of art and creativity. And after years of juggling between the two she finally gave in to her calling and moved towards pursuing her passion. Took art and calligraphy sessions from various teachers and mentors and learned from everything around.In the process she delved deeper into the concepts of human existence and its purpose and the engaging concepts of life and mysticism, all these clearly reflecting in her work.

An avid observer & explorer, her paintings carry inspiration from the simple things that surround us.

Masooma studies the engaging concepts of human existence, its purpose , life and mysticism . The message she wants to give out through her work is that of ‘Awakening’ and ‘Introspection’ & ‘Universal Love’..

She uses the Turkish Dervishs as her symbol of expression and infuses Arabic calligraphy into the composition to give more depth to her concepts.

“Being experimental in nature, I prefer to follow the untrodden path to my goal. Working with unconventional materials & techniques is engaging for the artist and resultantly beguiling to the viewer.”

Masooma rizvi has laid the foundation of the OverSeas Pakistani Artists Fraternity (#ospaf) and has been running it successfully since 2017. She aims to connect all artists on one platform and to give an international exposure to the amazing art that is being produced in the country. In the process she has done various collaborations with art groups around UAE and internationally and plans to further it even more in the UK.

Her work has been displayed at various locations internationally and is treasured with art collectors across the globe.

In Masooma’s words: “Art plays an important role in my life. Through my work, I wish to share the sentiment of self reflection & exploration. I want to stir up emotions and leave minds activated and thinking …”

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