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Masood Kohari

Masood Kohari’s art adventure began many years ago since from his first exhibition. The Sixties were a time in Kohari’s life when he was, painting with oils on canvas. His first exhibition was at the PACC in ’62, and others followed. In those days he was invariably with his close friend Jamil Naqsh, and together they would explore Karachi and its environs seeking places and objects as subjects to paint.

In 1964 when he went off to Gujranwala, in Gujranwala he formed strong ties working with the ceramic craftsmen, learning about clay and beginning a life-long fascination with the qualities of clay and fire. In 1968, he surprised all by mounting a spectacular ceramics show at the Karachi Arts Council. It included four brilliantly coloured, 8ft tall columns measuring 15 inches in circumference; 70 wall based reliefs, large urns, and a series of tiles he titled: War and Peace. Professor Shakir Ali wrote at this time: “I have known Kohari as a painter but it was a pleasant surprise to see him develop as a Ceramist…In Pakistan Kohari is the first who has adopted this medium for the expression of his talent…Kohari has not finished with his experiments and I am quite sure that his future efforts will bring fruitful results.” Shakir Ali 1967.

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