Marium Saeedullah Profile

Marium Saeedullah

The distinguished artist Mariam Saeedullah Khan, who studied art in several countries of the world. Viewing Mariam Saeedullah’s work, one is transported to a colourful world of the artist’s imagination. Painting in the style she created melding Mughal miniature work with Japanese Sumi-e, the artist shows a series that is truly her own. Her diverse experience of art began with her husband’s career with the foreign office. With postings to Germany, Italy, the UK and Japan, she raised her family and at the same studied the art, history and traditions of each country. In Japan she took admission in an art institution that held evening classes, and studied the art of Sumi-e which she found totally absorbing. Mariam was taught to use colour chemicals and dye together and to steam them into fabric so that the colours became fixed to the cloth. She completed the course in three years and passed her finals with a distinction. On graduating, she was presented with a red seal, to sign her work as was customary and she was given the name Tranquility. On her return to Pakistan, she began to paint on large panels of raw silk and referred to the elephants, horses, and camels as homage to the tiles of the Lahore Fort.

Artworks by the Artist