Mansoor Rahi Profile

Mansoor Rahi

While viewing Rahi’s work one is struck by the prevalent dichotomy. Conventionality as well as non- conformity to Cubism coexists within his artworks. So what does he borrow or reject from Picasso and Braque? Since his works are simultaneously imbued with these opposing attributes, a synchronized discussion is imperative. Cubism involves a fracturing of form along with its subsequent realignment into diminutive planes. A strong adherence to this is evident in works like The Thinker (1970) and the Wild Horse Series, while the series of drawings displays a certain degree of divergence from this standard. Both Picasso and Braque depicted a conceptual rather than perceptual view of nature and Rahi’s several paintings show an affinity with this outlook, one such example is Mother and Child (1975). Color is monochromatic in Analytical Cubism and much of Rahi’s works show a restrained use of color. A number of his paintings however, like Couple in Love (2002), show an augmented utilization of color that is analogous to Synthetic Cubism.

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