Mansoor Aye Profile

Mansoor Aye

An artist with no art training, not even from his father the famous Maqsood Ali, Mansur Aye managed to make his mark on the world of fine art with his tranquil works of art. The whole country was saddened by losing such a remarkable artist in 2008. However, he is still alive in our hearts and through his exceptional artworks, which people have been cherishing since. One of the few artists who accepted modern art with wide open arms and promoted it in Pakistan, Mansur Aye has a place in the art world like no other. Mansur Aye held shows for over 40 years.

He became famous for his moon-faced girls in different guises and sizes. The spontaneity in his brush strokes was a perfect tool to reflect the emotions of peace and shyness on these faces. The application of interesting color combinations, with a domination of gestural delineations, added a layer of complexity to the work, showing the moods and gestures of the girls with extreme finesse. Mansur Aye excelled in his artistic versatility in various mediums, including pencil, paints, chemicals, watercolors, acrylics, oil paints, and mix media. He also worked with compositions containing still life objects, male musicians, as well as nudes.

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