Kausar Iqbal Profile

Kausar Iqbal

Kausar Iqbal, originating from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, discovered his desire to paint at a very young age. His conservative and strict upbringing only fueled his ambition to become an artist. Acquiring a Master’s degree in Miniature Art from NCA enabled Kausar to pursue his dream. He has exhibited his work at numerous galleries across Pakistan and been featured in galleries within the United States. He has incorporated elements from well-known miniature techniques to help establish his own unique style. Kausar lost several of his members in the earthquake and channeled his grief into a powerful series on elephants, depicting resilience, strength, and perseverance. He also honors women by painting a captivating BURQAH series which highlights the fortitude and strength of Pakistani women. Another series focuses on Sufis which demonstrates their mysticism, religious fervor, and allure. Kausar’s work continues to inspire audiences across the world.

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