Jimmy Engineer Profile

Jimmy Engineer

Jimmy Engineer was born in 1954 in Balochistan (Loralai), Pakistan. Jimmy completed his schooling from St. Anthony’s High school, Lahore, he spent 3 years at the National College of Arts (NCA), expanding his creative powers. His artistic performance has been acclaimed internationally particularly his series on canvas which depicts the Muslim toil in the wake of Pakistan’s Independence in 1947. The minute details, the layered imagery and the fine lines illustrating the transition of humans into tragic victims equal the skill applied by the Great Masters.

His works have never failed to captivate successive generations of art lovers in Pakistan and abroad. Jimmy’s speaking impressions which have the power to move young minds and imbue them with a renewed sense of dedication for the country, have been exhibited extensively in Pakistan as well as abroad. As for his paintings, he has mastered many mediums, he has explored and introduced numerous textures in his works and the amazing versatility is more than evident in his creations.

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