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Ghulam Mustafa


Ghulam Mustafa is an internationally acclaimed Pakistani landscape artist, having won several awards and prizes, including President Award for Pride of performance (2002). Mustafa’s art journey began in 1974 when he joined National College of Arts, Lahore. Since then, his work has been exhibited numerous times at notable art galleries nationally and internationally. He has 16 solo and several group exhibitions in his credit. Mustafa’s never ending passion and extensive expertise has led him to his stature today. His remarkable skills of creating textures, pattern of lights and usage of vibrant colours takes the viewers into pleasing sensation. The viewers can witness, how spectacularly Mustafa sees his subjects and then executes his imagery on canvases. My first exposure to his artworks was back in 2012 and his paintings have always given me a different perspective each time to look at the specific subject.

Ghulam Mustafa has contributed greatly to the development of art in Pakistan. As a founder member of Artists’ Association Punjab and as a General Secretary he has encouraged many young talents and has been active on many fronts. In his current exhibition, he is bringing visual treat to the public of Karachi.

Artworks by the Artist