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Farrukh Shahab

“A canvas, an easel, brushes, paints – tools of a painter. Smells of paints and turpentine, all create a strong, seductive aroma in my studio, my kingdom. Here I play my game by my rules. I paint. To my heart’s content until I am able to express my feelings, my emotions, my pain, my pleasure, my agony, my ecstasy. I am in total control or so I believe until my creation blossoms into a life of its own and takes over; a life that soon becomes an extension of my very own existence. I let myself drift and soon my ability, my conscious self, subconsciously takes me to new dizzying heights of art and self-expression. Through my paintings I lay bare my soul, my being, my reason for living. Slowly, I pick up the missing pieces, start learning the secrets of a painter’s language and, when my art is noticed, appreciated, exhibited, the doubts, the nightmares that lurk inside me while I paint, wither away, vanish. I am rejuvenated, reborn, recharged. Only to plunge again, in the icy but enticing ocean of art.”