Fareeha Yousuf Profile

Fareeha Yousuf

Born in 1999, Fareeha yousuf is a visual Artist based in karachi pakistan. She graduated from Karachi school of Art in 2022. She joined the rangoonwala centre in 2015 under the supervision of Hanif Shahzad.

Fareeha yousuf has been formally associated with the field of fine art since over six years. She started exploring oil as a medium in which she managed to do oil paintings. She has a unique technique where she uses a knife to create her paintings. That gives her paintings texture and depth that one doesn’t often see. She uses vivid colors in her paintings which makes them stand out.

Fareeha draws her inspiration from an expressionist style of art. Fareeha has been actively exhibiting her artworks with several galleries.

Artworks by the Artist