Dr. Syed Ali Wasif Profile

Dr. Syed Ali Wasif

Dr. Syed Ali Wasif describes himself as a “proud Pakistani in the land of pure”. Even though he is a psychiatrist by profession, Wasif has been heavily influenced by the great Sadequain and spends the majority of his time in Sindh’s countryside, observing the uncomplicated, patient people who are his muses. Wasif said about his works – I call my work as “The Politics of Stress” which basically is a dialogue with the society and system in which we are entrapped. In my initial phase as an artist I was into realistic art mostly doing still life and pen and ink sketches, but now I must admit that being a disciple and friend of LATE SADEQUAIN. I have identified myself with him, and my work has turned into distortion, surrealism or kind of modern art, but my contents are human emotions / expressions and social issues rather than the cactus.

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