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Chitra Pritam

It all starts from an insignificant dot; extend it and there is no limit to what can be achieved. From a simple stagnant existence as a dot, when turned into a line, limitless possibilities of line moving in various directions acquiring all sorts of meanings and also turning into all kinds of recognizable shapes. So the journey’s end but in fact, there is no end except achieving perfection where all journeys end. But as nothing can ever be perfect-a line would reach out to infinity. Knowing fully well what lies ahead. Chitra Pritam has undertaken this journey where lines make sense, this never ending search and even though, from time to time he felt as if compelled to shout ‘eureka’ but held back his urges knowing that the journey must not end, never. Thus he continues working, drawing and painting, and produces the best before allowing it to be exhibited for the art lovers and enthusiasts. His pen-drawings, ready to be displayed soon may be described as ‘landscapes brought to life through the magic lines.

Artworks by the Artist