Bashir Ahmed Profile

Bashir Ahmed

Bashir Ahmed studied the art of miniature painting with Ustad Sheikh Suja Ullah and after his graduation from the National College of Arts in 1974 he continued to work with the Ustad. When the revered artist retired in 1977, Bashir Ahmed took his place as a teacher of miniature art at NCA and encouraged his students to create their own personal contemporary idioms.

Bashir Ahmed participated in group exhibitions and held his first solo exhibition in 1980; that year he won the coveted Chughtai Award in the National Visual Arts Exhibitions organized by the Pakistan National Council of the Arts. He took a Master of Fine Arts from Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan in Painting and Print-making & Sculpture in 1985. This was followed by a degree in Master in Public Administration. In 1982 Bashir Ahmed established the Bachelor’s Degree Programme for Miniature Painting at NCA which, to date, continues to produce numerous successful artists.

Artworks by the Artist