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Ambreen Sana

For me Art is expressing your ideas in a beautiful manner. Iaqt may be Realistic image, any imaginary idea or any Abstract impression.
Art can’t be learn it is a gift of God. You can’t make an artist you can only polish them. I am doing fine art since 2005. I learn miniature technique from shahid Ahmed Zaki in his studio later on I learn watercolor from Hanif Shahzad in Rangoon wala community center along my studies after completion of my Master’s in Business studies I have joined a bank. I worked almost 8 years as a banker. But due to the thirst of Art I did a diploma from Karachi School of Art. Now I am working as an professional Artist and Art teacher in a school and displaying my work in different art exhibitions in different Galleries since more than five years. My favourite subjects for art are Miniature, landscapes and Abstract.

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