A. S. Rind Profile

A. S. Rind

Belonging to one of the most renowned artists of Pakistan, for the rich and vibrant paintings of his native culture, ‘Rind’ is a name that many in the art world are familiar with. He got into the world of art after getting his diploma in Fine Arts from the Central Institute of Art and Craft, Karachi, in 1988. Rind has been displaying his work in various exhibitions since then, and his distinctive styles have an unusual quality to them. While he focuses most on the depiction of the culture of Rahim Yar Khan, where he belongs to, Rind has worked in various mediums and styles ever since 1986. He started with Realism in 1990, after which he started painting Impressionistic visuals, in 1992. He also experimented with Cubism paintings, and if that wasn’t enough, he also created his own typography for calligraphic paintings. Rind has also shown the inequality and oppression in our society in some of his work. The main subject of Rind’s work is the heritage of his homeland. Rich colors, vibrant images, distinctive figurative work; Rind has done it all. He sometimes also uses Urdu poetry in his paintings, as a script.

Artworks by the Artist