Events’ Information for Artists

Artists can share their recent portfolio on with the details of size, medium and prices. Kindly mention the event name in ‘subject’ you are applying for.


INCOMPLETE applications will not be entertained.

1. ARTKAAM FEST (Submissions closed)

This 2 day event intends to gather emerging talent and art student on one platform from all art institutions of Sindh, where buyers/art lovers can directly purchase and interact with them. Stalls (tables) will be provided to the artists in the gallery premises.

Kindly note down the following for participation:

  1. Interested artists should be Karachi based.
  2. Artists should share their portfolio for participation. confirmation email will be sent to the selected artists.
  3. Interested artist should confirm participation till 1st April.
  4. Artists will bring their artworks on Saturday 28th April – 10 am.
  5. Artists will take back unsold artworks with them on Sunday 29th April – 8 pm.

2. VANISHING KARACHI (Open for Submissions)

ArtKaam Gallery invites artists to recreate the old buildings/Heritage/ old Bazaar scenes/ Chai Khana culture of Karachi.

The intention of this exhibition is to create awareness of what Karachi was when it was built and what it is now. The destruction of historical buildings, culture, cityscape and everyday life is the core focus of this exhibition.

Each artist is required to submit one current photographic picture of size 5×8 inches, of a selected dilapidated or damaged/defaced building and also submit an artwork of how that building would have looked had it been in its original form. The artwork should not be more then 4-5 sft in size and can be in any medium.

Artists can also use their imagination in recreating that historic moment when they perceive that scene. However, intention is to create a semblance of original building and location design in the artwork.

It is important that both the reference photograph and the created artwork are from the same angle for comparative viewing.

The artists can take reference from current photographic images and old images available on the internet and should use actual features of the object building or location.

Kindly note down the following for participation:

  1. Interested artists can apply with their portfolio till 1st April, so that committee can select the finalists.
  2. ArtKaam Gallery will send confirmation email to the selected artists.
  3. Selected artists should submit artwork till 20th April with the details (Artwork image, medium, size and price).
  4. Artist should also submit their profile picture along with the artwork.
  5. All image will be in printable Hi-Res quality.